Best Trading Indicator to Predict the Market.

a 99% drop for the stock berkshire hathaway inc predicted by our trading tool
One market prediction made by the ILT, it marked the top of bitcoin

The IllumiTradeĀ® allows you to:


Find Tops & Bottoms.


Anticipate All Major Market Moves.


Trade All Assets: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, Forex easily.


Trade accurately on on All Time Frames.

We are few concrete examples.

1. On Bitcoin & Cryptos:

A visual tradingview chart of $INJ displaying a bullish setup on the ILT Indicator, ding to a significant upward spike.
A tradingview bitcoin chart showing a call made by one user of our trading tool, he called the perfect very bottom of bitcoin at 56.5k
an image of the capacity for our trading tool to predict the market.
a tradingview chart showing how our trading tool predicted a bitcoin price surge.
A screenshot of a tradingview bitcoin chart showing how our trading tool can predict the market.
Etherum (ETH) Chart on TradingView featuring Illumitrade indicator highlighting an imminent price surge.
Image depicting a bearish divergence on the ILT indicator for Bitcoin, signaling a potential market downturn. Subsequent to the divergence, the chart indicates a significant price drop, illustrating the impact of the divergence on market trends.
a tradingview bitcoin showing my call for a big bitcoin move to the upside from 25000$ to 74000$, done thanks to the illumitrade
A screenshot of a bitcoin chart displaying a 11000$ move to the upside predicted by the illumitrade indicator
The ILT indicator predicted this 5k Bitcoin move.
A Bitcoin tradingview chart screenshot showing a big drop anticipated by a diamond alert on our tradingview indicator.
This tradingview screenshot shows a call made on twitter when thanks to the usage of the Illumitrade indicator, I predicted a big move.Then we can see a 6% pump that followed this call. Our indicator is the best because it predicts the market.
A 23-hour Bitcoin chart showing how powerful is the indicator on tradingview.
a tradingview chart showing how our trading tool found all the last very tops and bottoms of bitcoin

2. Stocks - Indices:

A screenshot of a $SPX 15min chart displaying a call made with the ILT indicator predicting a big move was coming.
how to find a bottom with the illumitrade, an example on $SPX
The ILT predicted a big move for the $VIX it then pumped hardly.
$DXY - Accurately predicted a dump for the $DXY thanks to the best tradingview indicator.
S&P 500 / $SPX - Accurately Identifies Peak at 4776 by the Illumitrade Indicator on tradingview.
$TSLA Accurately Identifies Peak at $175 by the Illumitrade Indicator on tradingview.

3. Commodities:

a tradingview chart of platinum - showing a call made with our trading tool - a big price surge followed the signal
A tradingview screenshot of XAUUSD showing how the indicator predicted the gold pump from 2010$ tp 2180$
a tradingview chart of the cocoa - showing how our tradingtool allows traders to predict the market.
Gold (XAAUSD) chart on TradingView featuring Illumitrade indicator highlighting an imminent price surge.
A screenshot of a coffee chart showing how our trading tool allowed it users to predict the market.
A very top for $SMCI called by the new Update of the indicator.

You can be better than 95% quickly and easily.

The Power of the Right Trading Indicator

Screenshot displaying impressive unrealized profits of 60k, 57k, and 23k, achieved through the use of our tradingview indicator.
A testimonial from a illumitrade indicator users satisfied.
Thrilled Client: ILT Indicator Delivers Outstanding Results!
Collage of delighted customer testimonials praising the IllumiTrade Indicator. Quotes highlight satisfaction and success stories with our tradingview indicator.
Screenshot displaying a testimonial of a user saying he paid his 6 months of subscription in a matter of minutes thanks to our tradingview indicator.
A screenshot showing a message from a satisfied ilt user, who said "without you that would not be possible" he made 63k$ of profits with our tradingview indicator.
Screenshot of Testimonial 2: 'Surprised at the Indicator's Remarkable Performance'"
Delighted User: ILT Indicator Transforms Training Experience!
Ecstatic Customer: ILT Indicator Exceeds Expectations!
Testimonial of one user for the ILT Indicator, he says the indicator gives him confidence and he loves it
Screenshot of Testimonial saying : "IllumiTradeĀ® šŸ’Ž The Best TradingView Indicator.ever"
Success Story: $1500 Profit in 3 Days with Our Indicator's Free Trial
A testimonial from a illumitrade indicator user : telling me in a DM on twitter he likes the indicator and how it makes him a better trader.
Overjoyed Testimonial: ILT Indicator - A Game-Changer for Success!
A ILT user testimonial saying he is on a 20 day winning streak because of this indicator.
A Real User Sharing his Success Story of how our trading tool has helped him a lot.
Stress-Free Trading: Our Indicator Eliminates Market Anxiety
A Testimonial Highlighting the power of our trading tool.


1. PayPal


1 Year Access: $800

6 Months Access: $450

3 Months Access: $240

1 Month Access: $79

Free Trial : 10 Days

Screenshot of the USDT wallet adress for the payment


Screenshot of the USDT wallet adress for the payment


Screenshot of the USDT wallet adress for the payment


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is it the most powerful TradingView Indicator?

Our tool stands out due to its advanced predictive capabilities, adaptability for all trader, investor levels, and a proven track record of success. Our precision in market predictions goes beyond conventional trading tool, giving users a strategic advantage.

- Advanced Predictions: Our Indicator goes beyond conventional indicators, providing accurate insights.

- Adaptability for All Levels: Whether you are a beginner trader, investor or a seasoned pro trader.

- Proven Success Stories: Join a community of successful users from all levels who have experienced remarkable results using our indicator.

2. Can your Trading Indicator be applied to a wide range of assets?

Yes, the IllumiTradeĀ® is versatile and can be used for trading Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, and more. Its unparalleled tool provides a strategic advantage across various market instruments.

3. How does the IllumiTradeĀ® outperform most trading tool?

The IllumiTradeĀ® success lies in its ability to provide advanced predictions that go beyond what conventional trading tool. It's designed to empower traders at all levels, turning novices into seasoned professionals with the visual guide and adaptive features.

4. Are there success stories from users of the IllumiTradeĀ®?

Absolutely! Our indicator has a community of successful users who have experienced remarkable results. We have generated millions in profits over the past two years, and you can find detailed success stories and testimonials on our website.

5. Can I try the IllumiTradeĀ® before committing to a subscription?

Yes, we offer a 10-day Free Trial for new users. Experience the transformative power of our tool firsthand and witness how it can enhance your trading, investing journey.

6. Is the IllumiTradeĀ® suitable for both beginners and experienced traders?

Yes, the Indicator is designed to be adaptable for all levels of traders. Whether you're a novice investor, an investor or a seasoned pro trader, the visual guide and features of our indicator will empower you to outperform 95% of market participants.

7. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We offer flexibility in our subscription plans to accommodate your trading needs.

8. How do I get support if I have questions or issues with the IllumiTrade?

Yes, for support, you can reach out to us through our "Contact" page on the website. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and assisting you with any queries or concerns you may have.

You will also have access to the full visual guide to understand how our tool works, you will also member of our private telegram channel + member of our private discord server.

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